December 5, 2012


You know what? 

No Babies is coming to Japan this coming January!
I'm going to tour with them and play as VVDBLK some shows listed below. It's the time to go out though it's hella cold winter. 

January 18 Hiroshima
January 19 Kyoto
January 21 Kobe
January 23 Shibuya
January 25 Nagoya
January 26 Koenji

Y O U M E & U S

Meeting this band called You Me & Us in Austin, at SXSW, is one of the best things that happened to me this year. 

February 13, 2012

Gemma Hayes - Let A Good Thing Go

Gagakirise Live In Nagoya 18/12/2011

Cornelius - Drop

In the early 00s Cornelius made the masterpiece titled Point. Not only its sounds but performance at the shows were amazing, which nothing I'd ever seen was compared with. 
He cut two singles off from the album, Point Of View Point and Drop, coming with some nice remixes, from Matador. Especially this 12" vinyl is great because of the remix by Herbert. I still love this song, but I own two copies of this so I decided to sell this finally. 

You can listen to Herbert remix below. 

A. Drop
B1. Drop (The Tusen Takk Rework)
B2. Drop (Herbert's Kangaroo Dub) (mp3)

February 9, 2012

Dead Vagina - Ex-Girlfriends CDR

Back in 2005 I found this sold at an online record store. Of course I didn't know about Dead Vagina at all though, its name was attractive enough for me to click the button to buy. 
Since then I haven't gotten any new information about this band but they are a duo. You can find some footages of their shows on YouTube. 

Jessica Kirby
Lauren Ellis
Priscilla Ard
Lauren Roberts
Megan Heath
Alix Davis
Tabitha Pritchett
Kristin Williams
Brandi Brock
Sarah Williams
Jennifer Connelly
Jessica Parks

RIYL: Lightning Bolt, Hella, Hair Police, Sightings

February 7, 2012

Holiday With Maggie - Nice From Far... But Far From Nice

Alternative Girl (mp3)
King Of Suburb
Heart Of Darkness
My Gay Best Friend
Nerd Alert
Nothing To Declare
A Girl Like You (mp3)
Backpacker United

RIYL: Weezer, The Wannadies, Matthew Sweet

My Robot Friend - Why Won't You Call Me Back?

A1 Why Won't You Call Me Back? (mp3)
A2 Why Won't You Call Me Back? (Matmos Remix) (mp3)
A3 Boing!
B1 I Am The Robot
B2 I Am The Robot (My Robot Friend Remix)
B3 The Power Of Love

Klaxons - Atlantis To Interzone Remixes

A1 Third Eye Mafia Refit
A2 Original Mix
B1 Ayia Napa To Interzone Tapedeck Remix)
B2 Germlin Remix
7" A Crystal Castles Remix (AAC)
7" B Metronomy Remix (AAC)

Redcarsgofaster - 24 Passes

A 24 Passes (mp3)
B House Of Files